Recovery Begins

You are about to awake when you dream that you are dreaming.

This is a phrase that has been stuck in my head for many years. Now, re-reading Casino Royale, I am reminded once again that this is where I came across that theory. I wonder if it is true, or what cause Fleming to make this observation.

Bond is unconscious as the chapter begins, and has been so for about two days. He finally comes to, and the first sight he sees, is of course a beautiful woman. A nurse who, along with another has been brought in from England to look after him.

Soon thereafter, the Doctor and Mathis make an appearance in the room. The Doctor explains what happened, and Fleming uses this vehicle to fill us in on exactly what happened to bring about Bond\’s rescue from the torture. The Doctor asks Bond how long he was maltreated.

‘About an hour,’ said Bond
‘Then it is remarkable that you are alive and a congratulate you. Few men could have supported what you have been through. Perhaps that is some consolation. As Monsieur Mathis can tell you, I have had in my time to treat a number of patients who have suffered similar handling and not one has come through it as you have done.’

The Doctor leaves the room, and Mathis reveals that M has called him personally to relay to Bond that he is “much impressed”. This warms Bond, as he knows it is very unlike M to make a communication of this sort, as most people do not even know that M exists. The message is also given that Vesper’s boss, the Head of S has given her strict instructions to look after Bond.

Mathis then conducts a mini de-briefing of Bond, attempting to find out a few things, like who killed Le Chiffre. He also wishes to know where Bond hid the cheque in his room. They’ve searched the room, and it isn’t there.

‘It is.’ he said, ‘more or less. On the door of each room there is a small square of black plastic with the number of the room on it. One the corridor side, of course. When Leiter left me that night, I simply opened the door and unscrewed my number plate and put the folded cheque underneath it and screwed the plate back. It’ll still be there.’ He smiled. ‘I’m glad there’s something the stupid English can teach the clever French.’

Soon after this, Bond is exhausted and Mathis is hustled out of the room. Bond falls into a “troubled” sleep thinking of Vesper.