Another website about James Bond?

Yeah. But I haven’t seen too many Blogs. Bond seems to be on my mind a lot, so I hope to put those thoughts here, as well as any news stories I come across, and relevant links.

What’s my background with Bond? I’ve read all the books…all of ’em. The Fleming originals…the Kingsley Amis (AKA Robert Markham) book, the Gardner books and the Benson books. I’ve even read the Christopher Wood novelizations of the movies. I’ve seen all the movies, own just about all of them on DVD, the few that I don’t, will come in time.

I’ve read all those books and seen all those movies dozens of times. I’ll read and watch them again several more times, I’m sure. For years, my copies of the Fleming novels were worn paperback Pan editions from the 1960’s. I was thrilled a couple weeks ago to find the entire Ian Fleming collection in a set at Sam’s Club for under $20. This will save the wear and tear on my older books.

I think I will try in 2005 to go through all the Ian Fleming books once again…in order. What better way to start the year. It will be a boon to this blog too, I hope as I will try to share thoughts and observations of the journey.

I’ve also enjoyed watching the older movies in HDTV widescreen, seeing them as they appeared in the theaters. Sadly, even though I’ve been watching and reading about Bond since the early 80’s, Goldeneye in 1995 was my first Bond in the theater. Seeing all the films on DVD has been a great experience. I will also try to share little things that I see on screen that I perhaps didn’t notice before.