I expect to start the chapter by chapter review and analysis of Moonraker very soon.

I really enjoy this novel, as I believe it contains some of Ian Fleming’s finest descriptive scenes when it comes to food, action, and life in 1950’s England. Yes, James Bond stays at home in this adventure, which takes place in the course of one week.

The book was published in 1955, however it appears the events of the book take place a mere three months following the adventures of Live and Let Die. It is now the month of May of that same year. Walter von Tagen III puts the year as 1952. I had previously listed the events of Casino Royale as having taken place in 1953, so apparently I’m a bit off in my timetable. I’ll try to be more specific of the dates as I go in detail through the book.

James Bond has been in the news quite a bit as of late, and I’ve provided the headlines in the post below as a tool for you to be able to keep up with the latest surrounding the film version of Casino Royale, which is due out a year from now. The headlines automatically update as new stories are being published, so they’re always up to date. I think I’m going to try to keep them at the end of each new post until I can figure out a way to have nice, neat headlines publish either in the sidebar or perhaps up above.

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  1. The Colossus · October 7, 2005

    My favorite so far of the three I’ve read. I read the “Bonded Fleming” set as a kid, and remember those being great, so I can’t wait to hit them in this journey. A lot of good reading ahead!


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